Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here we go again!

Several months ago, I left a lot of stuff behind me.
I left a semi-famous (but definitely scandalous) blog I worked on for more than four years.
I left the city I’d grown to love and lust after, Makati.
I left a really hunky boyfriend (who’s now with my really hunky friend, long story).
And now, since I’m living with my parents again, I kinda left my social and sex life as well.
But as the cliché goes, life goes on.
Things will change.
And boy, did they ever.
New call center.
New co-workers.
New set of friends.
New scandals galore.
This place may be in a different zip code, but the gossip and secrets are just as nasty and juicy as my previous company.
Thank God.
Man can’t live by monetary incentive alone.
This time, however, I will definitely keep my identity a secret.
So let me just say, there's a pretty big chance you already know me.
You may have heard about me from a friend who works in a call center.
Or better yet, you may have read my previous blog.
If you have, well, good for you, you found me!
So, I hope you don't mind if I hold your hand and give you a tour of the teleserye that is my life.
I’m sorry, where are my manners?
I haven’t introduced myself yet.
You may call me Garlic.
Garlic Go.
Not my real name, of course, but it will suffice.
I have stories to tell, not all of them nice.
Welcome to my blog, dear readers.
Welcome to my life.


  1. Hahaha.

    And I was justttt thinking of you.

    "This time, however, I will definitely keep my identity a secret."

    Well .... I think you of all people know nothing ever remains a secret for long in this town, Garlic. I still am not used to your new name. Leaves a funny taste in my mouth.


  2. wow..i will definitely wait for the juicy stories of your new kol senner it in tawi tawi? hahaha